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"Little Girl Lost" by Jillian Venters


[Jillian Venters (also: Tumblr) writes eldritch legends and histories. We are honored to publish them.]

The Donna Messinger-Tofferdept “Little Girl Lost” mystery lingers to this day. In 1973, a young girl in a flannel nightgown was found crying in a Woolworth’s toy department in Anaconda, Montana. No one in the town recognized her.

Stating her name was Donna Messinger and that she was from Chicago, every attempt was made to reunite her with her family. However, not only was the Messinger family unable to be located, but the home address Donna gave was a deserted lot between two apartment buildings.

After a blaze of publicity, she was identified as Donna Tofferdept, who had gone missing two years earlier from her family home in Worland-Ten-Step, Wyoming. Donna did not recognize the Tofferdepts, and insisted that her real family were the ones pictured in the photo that was clutched in her hand when she was originally found.

While the photo did indeed show Donna, no one knew who the other three people were. Unable to accept the Tofferdepts as her family, Donna ran away from home when she was 14. She left a note saying that she had seen her brother, Butch, in a car going down the highway, and that she was determined to re-join her real family. The Tofferdepts, having no other children and blaming each other for Donna’s refusal to believe she was their daughter, divorced three years later.



If I was a fictional character, who would I be?



#10 points for reasoning behind your decision

you get my eternal love if you do this

I don’t do these things, but this is important.

I’m … I’m going to regret asking this, aren’t I? But every once in a while, I want to indulge in these sorts of silly memes. 

(Am I putting off going back into the Storage Room o’ Doom to find more things for the Elder Goth Surprise Boxes? I don’t know what makes you say that …)

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Dear Self: after you get your tattoo (sooooon!), the next big purchase is the Susperia gown by Kambriel. After THAT, jewelry from Bloodmilk. Start saving your pennies, oh unemployed one. 

Anonymous asked: I didn't see any post about the tattoo, did you get it?

Not yet! I have to have the RealHusband do the mock-up of the phrase in my preferred font, have a consultation with my tattoo artist to make sure about placement and font size, and THEN get the tattoo. I’m hoping to get it inked by the end of November. 

Anonymous asked: Uhm, the tights in post/67422584324 are awesome, but they're definitely knit, not crocheted. I do both crafts and those are definitely knit stitches there.

Ah-ha, thank you for the correction! Knitting and crocheting are two crafts I don’t do AT ALL, so I tend to confuse them. 

Oh, Rodarte web crocheted tights. How I love that look.

Oh, Rodarte web crocheted tights. How I love that look.


oh Bloodmilk. You kill me. 

All of it. I want all of it. 

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The next few days involve:

  • Packing and mailing the Elder Goth Surprise Boxes!
  • Laundry. 
  • Writing a new GCS post.
  • Some clothing modification projects, which involve removing something from one jacket and attaching it to another. And finding the gel pens. And making bat stencils.
  • Making a consultation appointment with my tattoo artist to talk about the Addams Family tattoo!
  • Writing more drabbles for ESC.
  • Telling myself over and over to BE PATIENT, my agent can’t give me feedback instantly. 
  • Ignore that conversation with myself and refresh my email every few minutes, because patience and I are not close friends.

"John Galliano struck out on his own into the frozen wastes of Russian-Balkan folklore for Fall. A micro-bubble snowstorm was falling on the runway, and a trick of laser lighting created a magical illusion that the models were walking in some fairy-tale tunnel far, far removed from the brutish realities of humankind’s current worries. It was theater, escapism—the creation of a parallel fantasy world upon which the concerns of "fashion" barely impinged. Toward the end, the show moved into more traditional Galliano territory with a sequence of spun-silver bias-cut dresses that had all the delicate romance his fans adore.” - Sarah Mower.

John Galliano f/w 2009.

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This is adorable. Just … adorable. owlsintophats:

assignment for my illustration concepts class: a portrait of a celebrity aka my absolute hero

happy halloween!!

I don’t know who keeps finding these gifs and reblogging them, but bless you all. ::goes back to staring at Dave Vanian in the shower::



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I am so, so pleased the kickstarter for this was funded! And when my skull spoon arrives, I will use to it stir sugar skulls into my coffee. #embraceyourcliches


10,000 times better than skull sugar. EVERYTHING SKULLS

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Happy Birthday to my heart-sister Jillian ~ may this year have grand things in store for you, filled with countless joys & dreams come true! 

I love you, Kambriel. I dream of when we (and assorted other chosen family) live together in a rambling old mansion.

It’s my birthday, I can wish on falling stars if I want.
inritum: reblog and make a wish!

It’s my birthday, I can wish on falling stars if I want.

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Wonderful illustrations by Jeremy Hush, on Tumblr.


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