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Dark Candles Mini Review!

So the other day, I checked my P.O. Box to find this amazing surprise package waiting for me from the lovely caramia1313 of Dark Candles. I opened the box in my car, and the car was instantly filled with earthy, spicy aroma. I couldn’t wait to get home and test all of the candles out, and I knew I needed to write up a mini review to share these wondrous scents with you all. 

I will preface this review by stating that this package was sent to me as a gift, unsolicited and with no expectation of a positive review in return. The opinions expressed below are entirely my own. 

Included in my package was a pack of votives from the Halloween Collection (how perfect!):

  • Bonfire - This is a complex, masculine scent, with woody notes and hints of fruit. It’s a little sweet, a little spicy, and brings to mind chilly nights curled up in front of the fire with a mug of mulled cider.  
  • Dark Carnival - By far my favorite of this collection, though all four are lovely. It’s sweet, but not sickly sweet or maple-scented as sweet autumn scents tend to be. It smells of candied apples and toasted nuts, evoking memories of fall carnival treats (as the title would suggest). 
  • Haunted House - A very woodsy scent with hints of spices and earth. It makes me think of fall evenings in the woods behind my grandmother’s house, picking juniper berries with muddy fingers. 
  • Falling Leaves - Earthy and sweet. This smells like trudging through a leaf pile on Halloween night with a full bucket of candy. This is probably my second favorite scent of the pack, it is so very FALL!

Also included in the package were some delightful extras:

  • A glass votive holder - currently filled with melted Dark Carnival and the perfect size for votives. 
  • Lilith tea lights from the Vampire Collection - Raspberry and patchouli, exactly as the description states. Not my favorite scent (I’m just not a berry fan), but still very pleasant. I have a feeling my husband will enjoy this scent as he loves berries. 
  • A sample of Full Moon from the Werewolf Collection - To me, this smells like a hot vanilla chai latte. I want to eat it. 
  • Various stickers and a Shadow Card (collect one with each $10 purchase, once you’ve amassed 10 Shadow Cards you receive a $10 gift certificate)

All in all, I was extremely impressed by the quality of these candles. They are packaged beautifully (don’t even get me started on that label artwork! whoa mama), scented generously, and you can really sense the love that goes into handcrafting each one. This is a company after my own heart that embraces goth clichés by way of spooky ridiculous scents, and I love them for it. I foresee many orders from my household in the future. 

I recently purchased some of these candles, and they’re gorgeous. I’m tempted to purchase Falling Leaves in a larger size.

I know I’m kinda punchy from being tired, but I keep reading that “Mary Shelley and the Romantics!” pop-punk post, and I start having incoherent thoughts about what the fandom wank would be. There would absolutely be a mad-bad-dangerous2know-secrets.tumblr, Claire Clairmont would be a BNF who drives half the fandom into a rage because she TOTALLY STALKED BYRON, HOW COULD HE HAVE DATED HER?.

The behind the scenes bickering about photo shoots! "George, do we HAVE to have skulls in these ones? Really?”

I think I should walk away from the computer and make some coffee.

Someone design me a t-shirt for this fictional band. I need one. 

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There’s quite a bit of love for Jessica Lange because of her work in “American Horror Story” - and rightfully so. (I don’t watch the show because horror ain’t my bag, baby - but everyone raves, and I’ve seen bits, and she’s *flawless*)

You should really watch “Titus” (Titus Andronicus by Shakespeare) with her as the Queen of the Goths (hah!) and Alan Cumming as the Emperor Saturnine.

Because she’s flawless and wild and carnal.

And he’s Joffrey before anyone knew who Joffrey could be.


This movie is so harrowing and perfect. 




also: after the ap euro multiple choice section i made designs for the second wave of romantic writers as the world’s most popular emo-folk-punk-indie-pop boy band (and mary godwin), The Romantics

introducing: george gordon byron

  • "the bad boy"
  • dark and tortured soul
  • once had a hot makeout session with selena gomez
  • once had a hot makeout session with literally everyone
  • lead singer
  • wears too much guyliner
  • (it’s funny because there’s no such thing as too much guyliner)

percy shelley

  • "the cute one"
  • writes all the songs about happy things and sad things and cute things and kissing girls that get on the radio the most
  • plays bass guitar
  • is the most peppy and enthusiastic when they make the video diaries
  • dating mary so fucking hard

john keats

  • "the dreamy one"
  • plays the piano
  • has dark and tragic past
  • was really polite to ellen degeneres when they went on her show

and mary godwin

  • "the drummer"
  • so done with all this shit
  • can also play the accordion, the violin, the flute, the cello, the trombone, the xylophone, and the motherfucking mandolin
  • writes all the songs about sea monsters and irish legends and zombies that appeal to the hipster fans
  • seventeen magazine has repeatedly said that she is a lesbian
  • she’s not a lesbian
  • she did think ellen degeneres was pretty hot, but
  • she’s dating percy shelley
  • no, really, seventeen, she’s dating percy shelley, he’s taken.
  • how the fuck did you not think he was taken.
  • she fucking made out with him on stage.
  • (to be fair, so did byron)

#also featuring: john polidori the most disgruntled band manager of all time 

ngl, I’d hang the posters, wear the t-shirts, and sing along to all the songs unironically.


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I kinda do always reblog this, don’t I? But it’s so perfect.

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Wicked the Musical

Copenhagen, Denmark



Me and my Victorian mourning/The Birthday Massacre inspired headwear collection is featured in the new issue of The Hat Magazine! Very exciting!

Please do not remove or edit this caption or these photos in any way. Thank you.

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 fluxmachine gifs

Artist Kevin Weir creates ghostly animated GIFs using Archival photos from the Library of Congress


Love these

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… but tonight is going to be more wardrobe culling. Because ahahahahahaha that needs to get done. 

For those of you asking if I will be doing online clothing sales: maybe? It depends on what is left after the yard sale on the 27th, and how much free time I’ll have to take photos/write descriptions/figure out postage. 




Anonymous asked you:

November 4th 2013, 12:37:00 am

I feel as though I’m having difficulty manifesting my will as far as my creative life goes—everyday stressors get in the way of my work, and my downtime which should be dedicated to the work becomes recuperation. Can you help me?

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I have reblogged this before. I am reblogging it again, because … yeah. This describes my life right now; it describes how my life has been for the past few months.

I swear on Clovis Devilbunny’s fuzzy ears: I will write a new GCS post and send it to the beta readers by Sunday night.



Tilda Swinton as The Marchesa Casati. My latest muse!


Be prepared


Engrave your tombstone with a body switching spell that is activated upon reading. Just don’t be rude, use a temporary version.

This +  that post about “Afterlife Goals: To have Goth kids pose on my grave" = COMEDY.

And then I’ll re-materialize into my Vampire Witch Queen incarnation and bind them as minions. 


Stephanie Blythe


Baby bat continuous ear wiggle

Yes. I needed this. 


Baby bat continuous ear wiggle

Yes. I needed this.