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Evening dress ca. 1905

From Kerry Taylor Auctions



reblog if you had a livejournal









PSH! #diaryland

Still do. Just about.

I still do but had to friends-lock it. But I miss it a lot. :(((


I don’t use it as much now because my friends are all in different fandoms, but if you joined fandom only in the Tumblr/Twitter era YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE MISSING.

1. Threaded comments that don’t have to be replied to with a whole separate post

2. Profile pages so you could find out about a person and also check out their followers to see if you know people in common/find other people into what you’re into

3. Communities for fic, and newsletter communities for fandoms that rounded up daily news (actor stuff, pics, videos, etc)

4. Much better signal to noise ratio (not seeing the same thing 15 times or having to install xkit just to make your dash readable and filter out fandoms you aren’t in)

5. Just a way, way more grounded sense of where and who people are, instead of shouting into a crowded room all the time

This is my third go-around with Tumblr and fandom, and it’s only manageable now because I’m following hardly anyone (sorry guys). I really cannot wait until somebody makes something that combines the ease of image-posting on Tumblr with the actual content of LJ, because I feel like this place encourages you to be silent.

Shhh, don’t make an original text post, no one wants to read that, especially if it’s just about your personal life (which you couldn’t lock/filter anyhow). Shhh, don’t add text to that reblog, just hide your comments down in the tags, where people have to scroll to see them. Shhh, all you can contribute is a picture of an actor that’s probably already been posted with six different edits to the tag. Just reblog, baby.

I love fandom and fans and it makes me so sad, too, to see what’s been my culture for going on 20 years now get eroded and lost. I don’t know where fandom will be in another 20 years but I’m guessing the history of my chunk of it (Usenet, mailing lists, personal websites, LJ) won’t get carried on.

This can’t be how it continues, this movement towards a model of vocal producers and silent consumers. That’s not fandom. 


I mean, I loved lists, but I loved that LJ helped balance the dynamic of creator/consumer, where the consumer had a voice (I was largely a creator at that point, and am largely a consumer now, sadly) above and beyond, “Wow, great story!” They’d talk about the show, the fandom, and all that jazz, and the lines were nicely blurred, and some of the voices I respected the most never wrote, or drew, or vidded. 

And thinking back, they may have thought they weren’t creators, but that’s just not true. 

They were creating community, and it was awesome. 

II was just thinking about this last night! I still have LJ, and I still post to it. (The StuntHusband gave me a permanent account, waaaay back when.)

Threaded comments + replies, and FILTERS. Those are the things that will keep me on LJ, forever and ever.  

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TAGS. Please, pretty please, use them. 

Remember folks, the delightful skull sugar cubes are available from Dem Bones on Etsy!

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Addams Family Values, 1993

sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc



The new collection by Occvlta. A series of talismans focused on the power which only familiar spirits and invisible helpers can give. We have crafted this collection around them, together with the precious herbs from Teufelskunst.

Avaliable at:

These are beautiful. The one I want most is sold out, but since I’m pretty sure the RealHusband would rather I didn’t wear a preserved bat around my neck.




Glamor shots! I was all like “Sepia gurl you are looking fierce today!” All silliness aside - our pre-sale for the Sepia Stains Tarot has become a regular sale. This is to say, we have decks available for immediate shipment and we’re sending out all of our pre-sold decks today. Our only hiccup is we have to drop-ship the companion books with each order so they will arrive separately; at least for orders we receive the last of August and first of Sept. Mid September everything will be tucked into the same package :) These photographs are better shots of the deck and new packaging. The companion book will have the Magician on the cover. You can visit the Sepia Stains Tarot site for more info or nab it in our shoppe here.






writhing pile of cat children. disgusting

i’m going to throw up.

jesus christ the PURRING 

I feel like I just gained another year on my life from this.


I miss kittens. I love the kitties of chaos in their grown-up state, but OMG, KITTENS.

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I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.

Good heavens, this is LOVELY. You are a stunning creature.
(White lace gothy outfits + strong makeup = one of my stylistic faves!)

Good heavens, this is LOVELY. You are a stunning creature.

(White lace gothy outfits + strong makeup = one of my stylistic faves!)

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The perpetual Tuesday lament:the oh my G-D how early? Tuesday conference call has left me in dire need of more caffeine. And I really shouldn’t do that, because I’ve got another oh my G-D how early?! conference call tomorrow morning.

The “haunted dollhouse” image IS by Norman Bridewell!

From an adorable children’s book called The Witch’s Catalog.

This seems like something both evilsoutherngentleman and I need. Eventually, when the Eldergoth Retirement Haunted Mansion becomes a reality, there will be a massive combined library, and it will be GLORIOUS.

I feel like I should know this. That art style is familiar.

I feel like I should know this. That art style is familiar.

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Only 66 days remain until Halloween. TIME TO GET SPOOKY. And here’s some stuff from Tormented Artifacts to help with that:

1: The Alchemist Mask

2: The Bat Mask

3: Cthulhu

4. Requiem Mask

5. The Horned Band


7. The Cultist Belt

8. Oni Skull

9. Print- “The Lost Oracle”

10. The Windrow-Ravenswood Deck