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Look! In daylight (well, backlit) in PDX! With the ever-wonderful Thea.

Look! In daylight (well, backlit) in PDX! With the ever-wonderful Thea.


Giuseppe Agnello Sculptures

Sicilian sculptor Joseph Lamb Gives new meaning to the expression “one with nature.” His surreal sculptures of bodies with roots, branches, or tree trunks emanating from the heads, feet, or chests, are at once intriguing and disturbing. Working in plaster, polyester resin, clay and bronze, the Palermo-based artist plays with the idea of metamorphosis, much of the time incorporating tree-like morphing, though not limiting Himself to vegetation, as in the case of His Body clouds (Clouds Bodies) or zipped up bodies in His Body and soul (Body and Soul).

Lamb currently Has an exhibit of 40 works titled Memories: Lateral and Oblique Views at the Carlos V Tower in Porto Empedocles, Sicily through the end of the year.


Goth Problems: Tripping on tattered skirt hems all day long 


"The definition of Afro Goth is a subculture of African and dark skinned men and women that have a passion for goth and/or emo style in dress, music, and personality. The goth style tends to gravitate towards a darker palette and both clothes and makeup using cimmerian undertones."

Off to the Vampire Masquerade Ball!

Off to the Vampire Masquerade Ball!



Angela Carter splooges an uppity male student

Rick Moody in “Writers and Mentors” in the Atlantic Fiction issue:
On the first day of my workshop with Angela Carter, in my sophomore year, Carter was charged with reducing the number of would-be participants in her class to fourteen. Maybe thirty people were in the room, and she simply stood before us and tried to take questions. Some young guy in the back, rather too full of himself, raised his hand and, with a sort of withering skepticism, asked, “Well, what’s your work like?”
You have to have heard Carter speak to know how funny the next moment was. She had a reedy and somewhat thin British voice, toward the upper end of the scale, and she paused a lot when she spoke. There were a lot of ums and ahs. Before she replied, she cocked her head and said “um” once or twice. Then she said, “My work cuts like a steel blade at the base of a man’s penis.”

My whole life is a dark room.

You, miss, are adorable. 


My whole life is a dark room.

You, miss, are adorable. 

I admit it, I am tempted by the Black Velvet and Wicked Velvetines from Lime Crime. Not tempted enough to purchase them yet, because $20 for lip colors that I haven’t seen non-Photoshopped images of is never a good idea. But the idea of smudge-proof black lipstick is really damn tempting.


Guh. Such breathtaking work. Dolls by Dorote Zaukaite

These are haunting and gorgeous and just ever-so-slightly creepy. I LOVE THEM.


Raven Skull Cane, by Dellamorte & Co.


Of course I want this. Have you met me?

Secret Gardens



Beautiful terrariums with fossils, skulls, and other oddities by Ken Martin of Hermetica (London).





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(If I can keep my moss terrariums alive for a goodly length of time, I may try my black thumb hand at other types of terrariums.)

Auntie Jilli’s First Rule of Tumblr. 

Auntie Jilli’s First Rule of Tumblr. 

(Source: louiecyphre)

Daily reminder


  1. Drink more water.
  2. Eat less sugar.
  3. Find the nearest superhero base of operations and burn it to the ground.
  4. Be nice to animals.


The last 2 years have been shadowed by death for those of us at the ‘Cult. We have lost dear friends and cherished family members, and it has turned our thoughts towards the mystery of death, of the rituals associated with remembrance and goodbye. Our “Memento Mori” line is the darkest hour before dawn breaks, the pool of shadow at the end of the path, a celebration of the unknown. A meditation on how something frightening can also be beautiful. 

We want to honor the one true thing- we will all die- to remind ourselves that each day is precious, to live with passion, creativity, beauty, love, and art in every moment.

The pieces in this collection have been influenced by ritual mourning clothing and ephemera from various historical eras. Presented in a nearly monochromatic color pallet relying on the silhouettes, textures, and fabrics of each design to stand out, much like traditional mourning apparel. Blended with Gloomth’s signature strangeness to create something both familiar and unique.

This collection is also a nod towards Gloomth’s roots, to our “Modern Mourning Attire” slogan and the morbid fascinations of our label, as well as the Gothic subculture from which we originate.

Memento Mori means remember you will die, and remember those that have. We hope you will love these designs, and the meaning behind them. They are our own little curtsy to those we will remember, always. ❤

The skull dress! Onto the when I have disposable income again wishlist it goes!

Today’s to-do list:

  • Goth upkeep! Black dye, bleach, pink dye.

… that’s about it, really, because those two things will take up most of the day.