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i want nothing more out of my life than for a superstitious 8 year old to ask me if i’m a witch so i can lean down n whisper “how could u tell”

Once, after a small child asked me that, her father laughed and added, “Yeah, are you a good witch or a bad witch?

I smiled a tiny smile and answered, “I’m sorry, contractual obligations forbid me from answering that question.

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Yes. Halloween is everyday.

Yes. Halloween is everyday.

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Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac performs live at The Oakland Coliseum in Oakland, California, photographed by Richard McCaffrey, 1977.

See? Elder Queen of Romantic Witchy Goths, right there.

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Elder Goth Surprise Boxes sale POSTPONED to MONDAY

Things. Chaos. My apologies, something came up and I will be away from the computer for most of the day/evening.

The Elder Goth Surprise Boxes sale post will happen on MONDAY, June 2nd, 4:30ish pm PST.


I love you and I poisoned your tea.

I know, darling. I poisoned yours. Now to play Guess The Antidote!

Thugs need not apply.


Do not accept villains that conduct themselves in a manner in which you do not approve.

Do not compromise your high standards. Do not apologize for them.


All in stock right now at The Crypt. 

There’s also some ‘Reduced to clear’ items and a free postage to the UK code for this weekend only :) Checkout code - FREEUKPOST 

Ends Sunday 1st June at 10pm <3

It’s Friday. Time for a quick roundup of BPAL news & announcements.


We added new items to our eBay store.

The last 4 scents in Gail Potocki’s Fragmented Alice line are live at the Century Guild.

and Snake Oil is back in stock.

More news as we have it!

Gothic Charm School

New post at Gothic Charm School! Bats Day 2014!

Reminder the THIRD about Elder Goth Surprise Boxes!

This afternoon! They’ll be going on sale this afternoon! (Probably around 4:30pm, PST.)

The FAQ:

The price$37.50 ($25 for the goodies, $12.50 for shipping.) 

How to buy one: Once the “SALES ARE OPEN!” announcement has been posted, send me an email at jilli @ gothic-charm-school . com (remove the spaces, leave the dashes). Do not email me about them before the sale announcement. This is a first come, first served arrangement, and there is a limit of one box per person. 

If there are any available, I will write back confirming that you get one, asking you to send me payment via PayPal, and asking if you have fragrance allergies. (Some of the boxes may have perfume samples in them, dried flowers, incense, or other pretty-smelling things.) 

Do not send me payment until you receive the confirmation email from me!

Other questions you may have:

International shipping? It’s $41 to Canada and $60 to other countries. If you want to pay that much in shipping, sure, I’ll do it.

Why are you selling these? Because unemployment means figuring out other ways to generate income.

What if I don’t want a box, but I want to contribute to the Jilli Wellness Fund? Thank you so much, that means a lot to me! The email address I listed above works with my PayPal. 

What’s in the box?

  • A vintage gothy magazine.
  • Gothy cosmetic items. 
  • Gothy music CDs.
  • A random assortment of gothy ephemera. (Concert tickets, fliers, cards, and so on.)
  • A classic book associated with the goth movement.
  • A random assortment of gothy DIY supplies. (Ribbon, lace, bits of jewelry, and so on.)
  • Other interesting and odd things as they appear out of the Storage Room o’ Doom.
  • A hand-written thank you note from me! 

Thank you for reading this!



The Bohemian Tarot now has an app! I can’t afford to get a physical copy of the deck, but at least there’s an app!

Things that went through my head while watching this video:

  • Oooh, one of my favorite Rasputina songs!
  • Good outfit. Yes, bring that to me.
  • That’s the hair texture/style I’ve always wanted. Big, elaborately curly, tousled hair. 
How to tell when Auntie Jilli is taking a break from whatever writing project she&#8217;s working on: a spike in searches on the keywords &#8220;silver ankh&#8221;, in the vain hope that she&#8217;ll eventually find a replica of the ankh from The Hunger.
(No, not the Ankh of the Dead from Alchemy Gothic. She already has that one.) 

How to tell when Auntie Jilli is taking a break from whatever writing project she’s working on: a spike in searches on the keywords “silver ankh”, in the vain hope that she’ll eventually find a replica of the ankh from The Hunger.

(No, not the Ankh of the Dead from Alchemy Gothic. She already has that one.) 

In which Auntie Jilli is way behind the times in YA literature

Wait wait wait, The Fault In Our Stars is a YA cancer book and soon to be movie? With lots of heartwrenching thoughts about mortality and so on? Is Teh Internets in general going to start a witch hunt if I say “thanks but no, I’ll pass, don’t need fictionalized versions of that in my life”?

Hey fiends, don’t forget to check back tomorrow night at 5pm (pst) for the premiere of our new Creature Feature single ‘Nearly Departed’.
Stay weird,
Curtis Rx (via villainsandvaudevillians)
For me, the internal logic — this has driven writers on the show batty [to the point] where they’d be stamping around the writers’ room saying, ‘This show is bullshit! It doesn’t make any sense!’ and it’s like, actually, this makes emotional sense. That’s the story I want to track. I want to track emotion, and I want to track cinema. Logic, I think, is important, but it is secondary or tertiary. […] I have no interest in telling a forensic thriller.

"Hannibal" creator Bryan Fuller explains how the show sometimes drives its own writers nuts (via bonearenaofmyskull)

Which is why I love it - this is a nightmare. Nightmares do not have logic. I have no issues with this Fancy Cannibal being a magical murder wizard…or Satan.

This is a nightmare, not a procedural.

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::nods emphatically at what StuntHusband said::

Also, let me state HOW MUCH LOVE I have for the statement “Logic, I think, is important, but is secondary or tertiary.” That statement could be applied to SO MANY aspects of my life.

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