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Oh flaming hell

I’d been feeling a little under the weather lately, and earlier this evening my neck started welting up. “But but but!" I thought, "I’m following this dratted gluten-free diet to see if that helps with this very problem! It was working! What happened? Aaaaugh!

And then I realized: I’d had sushi with tempura bits and soy sauce over the weekend, both of which sneakily contain gluten. Plus there had been Worcestershire sauce as seasoning in multiple dishes the past few days, and wouldn’t you know it, the dratted stuff has wheat in it.

A rather large oversight and label-reading fail on my part, and now I’m paying for it. And believe me, I hope that those small amounts of gluten are what triggered this, and not some other thing that my doctor and I have not yet figured out.

  1. youdontevenknowmr said: Try asking for gluten free sauce (aka Tamari) when going for sushi. You can also ask if their batter has wheat—it shouldn’t but some cheaper brands do.
  2. mistressmorgue said: Hope it is the small amounts of wheat and nothing more then that. I have the same issue with apples and completely forgot that my Father had made apple crumble and wiped his hands on a dish towel prior to myself wiping my hands on it. Feel better :)
  3. yamneko said: Could all very well be. Labels on EVERYTHING. You could be sensitive enough that just some little cross contamination could be bad. I’ll try to remember this book a friend recommended and let you know
  4. kaylamanuel said: There are gluten free soy sauces out there! I’ve been gluten free for about a year and it was totally worth giving up all the gluteny things. Helped with body pain, exhaustion, and even depression. Best of luck on your food adventure! -KaylaMichelle
  5. americangothgirl said: Oh, Jilli. That’s rotten! Assuming your reaction was caused by those small amounts of gluten, it should pass through your system and resolve quickly. I’m thinking of you.
  6. madgastronomer said: I can’t help with sneaky Worchestershire sauce, but some of my friends take their own wheat-free tamari sauce to sushi, if that’s any help.
  7. wolfrinck-vonbats said: Ah I hope you feel better soon I know the gluten free diet can help with a lot of things and hopefully it was just the small amount of wheat that has triggered it.
  8. arliss said: Oh dear. It’s one thing to decide to have the yummy thing and take the consequences, but one feels betrayed having had it unaware. I hope the effects ease up soon.
  9. cenera said: hope you start feeling better soon!
  10. harlequinisms said: Hope ya feel better soon, Sugar :)
  11. lionsroar83 said: Oh, no! I hope things calm down, and that you feel better, soon.
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