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Today’s ridiculous sewing question

Which, really, I should be asking of the Infamous BlueJay, but asking the internet hivemind is always fun, too. How difficult is it to remove and replace the lining from a jacket? Such as a riding/hunt -style jacket? I have a lovely one, but it’s lined with that horrible poly-acetate stuff that feels like plastic.

(What I really should do is hand my absolute favorite J. Peterman riding jacket over to the Infamous BlueJay and bribe her to make a copy of it in a mid-weight black linen. And add pockets to it.)

  1. pandaemonaeum said: It really depends on how well made the jacket is. Unpick the seams carefully with a quick unpick. Use the original lining as a template for the new luxury lining. Then carefully hand-stitch the new lining in. This is a laborious process worth it :)
  2. melistopheles said: It would be job, but not impossible. How well do you think both jacket and lining would stand up to being stitch ripped? The jacket will have to withstand resewing in the seams, and the lining you’ll need to make pieces to copy.
  3. ridiculousinpiccadilly said: Actually replacing lining isn’t really all that difficult. Less difficult, in my opinion, than tailoring a lined jacket. Just remove the original lining carefully and use the pieces as patterns for your new lining.
  4. watch-scarlett said: it really depends on the jacket. if there isn’t an interior pocket that bridges the facing and the lining, it could be a simple swap out. you can use the existing lining as your pattern pieces for the new lining.
  5. anachronisticadvert said: cont… If the liner in sewn between two layers of the outer fabric (overlap) then it is a little harder, but not impossible. When jackets are made the liner is (usually) made separately using the same pattern pieces of the jacket. You can do it.
  6. justnat said: I am going to have to agree with spyderkl. It’s not a horrible task but not something I would advise to someone without garment making experience. I still have trouble on this part when I make dog jackets. It’d probably be best to let BlueJay do it!
  7. the-city-mouse said: It shouldn’t be too hard to remove. Putting in a new one isn’t usually that difficult either, most of it can be done by machine. The only fiddly bit will be reattaching the new lining at the collar- you might have to do that by hand.
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