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All right guys. I haven’t mentioned it on here as yet, because, well, honestly, I wanted some space of my online life that wasn’t affected by this whole thing. That said, I’m not going to be able to let this continue, for a couple of reasons. It’s been a lousy week, starting off with the death of my father-in-law.  I hate asking for this kind of thing, but well, here it is. Thanks to losing time off of work this last week due to everything, and time that’s going to be lost next week while my wife and daughter are off at the funeral for a few days, we are desperately stuck for being able to pay bills and keep everything running. 

I’d urge the lot of you to go order stuff through Tormented Artifacts, samples of which you can see in the photoset above, or contact me about private commissions, as I hate taking money without giving anything in return, but hells, at this point I’ll even take paypal donations- (to dmitri (at) but as things stand we’re about to have stuff start getting cut off as of today, so we’re a bit desperate to fix things at this point. ANYTHING helps, even just reblogging and spreading the word. Thanks. 

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    Signal boost, since I’m broke as well and this is the most I can do. Also, I bought a lovely deck of cards a while back...
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    First I’d heard, so happy to reblog, also offering all sympathies. And, if my disability comes through (I’m a fatalist,...
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    a My friend Dmitri is an amazing leather worker/visual artist and he’s in a really tight spot right now. Check out his...
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