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SWINTON, Constantine, and nightblogging. Or something like that

Prompted by StuntHusband’s comment on the last post of “DIBS ON LUCIFER”, there is now idle discussion of getting a Constantine cosplay group together. Except it would be a genderswitched Constantine, because there’s no way I’m wearing trousers. So! The Infamous BlueJay as Gabriel, StuntHusband as Lucifer, me as Constantine, and … hmmm. Maybe Libby as a generswitched Balthazar? That would work nicely.

::looks at the fizzy water/chocolate vodka/rose syrup drink::

Yeah, this is what the Kids Today call “nightblogging”, isn’t it?

  1. zerosociety answered: I approve of this notion.
  2. lovesgreatadventure said: sobbing into my tea
  3. volgrim-von-kriest answered: I’ll find out for sure if I get it wrong!
  4. snowcoma answered: I AM DUCK!
  5. goblinkinginthetardis answered: I cannot wait to see this. I’m prolly cracked in the head to stretch myself further, but this costumer volunteers to make you all stuff.
  6. sakurachang answered: you wouldn’t nessassarily need to do a could do Johanna Constantine.she’s right up your alley.sad there was only 1 book on her
  7. androgynous-space-demon said: The fizzywater chocolate vodka rose syrup drink sounds amazing!
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