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Remember how I said "It’s probably just allergies" about my scratchy throat? Guess who was wrong? Ugh.

  1. crumpetsandcorsets said: same here.
  2. esilesonia said: Feel better!
  3. fantasyandphobias said: Oh no! Feel better :(
  4. americangothgirl said: Oh dear.
  5. insaniteaandscones said: If a sore throat is the main problem, you could try gargling TCP liquid diluted with water. It’s surprisingly effective.
  6. ravenaxx said: Get better soon!
  7. jenniferlovely said: Bryan’s fault
  8. cristheweirdo said: tea + comfy pillows + Beetlejuice DVD will make everything better :D
  9. voidofsoul said: Hope you feel better soon! Try gargling salt water for your throat.
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