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What do we do when we’re sickly?

That’s right, peeps, it’s time for another episode of Auntie Jilli Is Horrified By What Is In The Goth Tag On Etsy!

Is this what the Kids Today <tm> mean by “Soft Grunge”? “90s pastel goth nu grunge raver" WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? And I *like* pink. But not that. 

Tropical Goth? I know lovely people who identify with that style. They would not be caught (un)dead in a bright yellow short sleeved shirt that says “Fun in the Sun!

1. This is not a corset, it’s a lightly-boned bustier. 2. Yellow. Yes, I’m biased against that color, but I have yet to see a Goth ensemble that really works with yellow. 3. Oh gracious, the tag spam “steampunk- goth- rocker- hipster- harajuku”. 

Acid. Washed. Denim. Dress. One of you be a love and bring your Auntie Jilli the laudanum, she feels an attack of the vapors coming on.  

I think I need to do a post of vintage gothy things from Etsy that I approve of, just to cleanse my brain after these things. 

  1. undeadmachinery reblogged this from mszombi and added:
    "Fun in the Sun" Tropical goth? Sorry, but I have to draw that.
  2. kveldulf reblogged this from mszombi and added:
    Maybe it’s various shades of black and grey Hawaiian shirts, etc with huge combat boots or studded thongs.
  3. mszombi reblogged this from gothiccharmschool and added:
    Tropical Goth is a legitimate style that some people actually identify with? Can someone show me what kinds of things a...
  4. gargoylesandgourmet said: Searching for ” goth ” on eBay is worse.
  5. melwaseaten said: I’ve seen some cybergoths who can really pull off yellow. But I agree with you, yellow is an obnoxious color.
  6. ophelia-pain said: Waitwaitwait…tropical goth? That’s a thing? Can you explain this? Because I live in southern florida and I am excited at the prospect of there being some special way of dressing goth without dying of heatstroke.
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  10. shewassurprised said: ….what on earth?!
  11. absinthecorpse said: I whole heartedly agree and wish you would post actual vintage gothic decor. Makes my head ache looking through those mistitled tags on Etsy
  12. yelhsaadnama said: 19thcenturyartofmournin…
  13. screaming-towards-apotheosis said: the problem with yellow and goth is, I think, the fact that you can’t really do stripey yellow without unfortunate bumblebee-like effect….