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Shallow fashion cravings

Really, why is a gray crushed velvet frock coat-ish sort of thing so dratted difficult to find? Yes, I could just buy the right fabric and hand it to the Infamous BlueJay, but she’s booked until April. (Making outfits for the Vampire Ball, so I really can’t complain.)

Gray. Crushed velvet. Frock coat. Why is this so hard?

  1. calantheandthenightingale answered: That sounds like something Atelier Boz might carry, but then their stuff is expensive and has limited sizing :(
  2. sewannesew answered: Clearly, it shouldn’t be because that sounds gorgeous. Now I have a desire to sew one for myself.
  3. lovesgreatadventure answered: Next item on the list: 6 yards of gray silk velvet.
  4. idreamofcorsets answered: could you find a pattern online and make it yourself? some antique patterns are on amazon
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