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This Song is a Curse - Frank Iero

123, 123
all alone now, nothing feels right
just find ways to cope with feelings that you
don’t understand, because no one really cares how
you feel just as long as you act how everyone
else expects you to act

my friends we can do anything
With science, except say goodbye
but I’m trying to hold on to anything
and not mess up everything.

everyone hates me, I hate all of you.
I tried to adjust, but I’m young, and screwed up
how do you expect me to believe when you were my age
you didn’t… 123

my friends we can do anything with science,
except maybe die. but I’m trying to hold on to everything
and not mess up everything, everything, everything…

why does right and wrong seem so far away? 
but if I had my way, but if I had my way we would all
be sorry…

my friends we can do anything, but should we? 
if things end up so… blah, blah, blah
I’m trying to hold on to what I love,
and not mess up everything…
I mess up everything… 
no one cares anyway…

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The Gothic Charm School review of Frankenweenie!



The music that defines me: The new "Frankenweenie"

I’m reblogging the StuntHusband’s post about this, but the short version is: we just saw a sneak preview showing of the new Frankenweenie, and it is WONDERFUL. Tim Burton’s best work in years, a delightful love letter to classic horror movies, and surprisingly heartfelt and emotionally resonant. And yes, I’m planning on writing up a review to post to the main Gothic Charm School site. Oh, such a good movie!


Last week, the StuntWife informed me that the parent corporation for the Seattle International Film Festival - “Three Dollar Cinema” (which also runs the Seattle Lesbian and Gay Film Festival - get it? QUEER AS A THREE…yeah, you get it) - was doing a one-time only double feature: the 3D version of…



Robert Smith singing “Witchcraft”, from the Frankenweenie Unleashed soundtrack. I am ridiculously charmed by this.

(The “video” is a static image - but it’s the only link I found of the song so far.)



Aww, new character shots from the upcoming Frankenweenie!New Character Shots For Frankenweenie!

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