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And now, “vintage goth” on Etsy that I like

Pointy-toe flats with big buckles! Wait, I think I have that exact pair of shoes in the shoe armoire. 

A black men’s tuxedo tailcoat! Traditionally worn by goths of any gender! Which reminds me, I need to do some more D.I.Y. work on the incredibly battered/deathrock one that a friend gave to me.

A collection of vintage lace and jet jewelry pieces! I am telling myself RIGHT NOW that I do not need these, that I have oodles of similar things in the crafting stash upstairs that are awaiting D.I.Y. inspiration to strike.   

A basic black gothy dress with bell sleeves. This would be really darling with b&w stripy tights and some long necklaces.

Big black hat with a bow and cameo. Just in case you don’t already have one. 

The ubiquitous stretch panne velvet “fit & flare” dress. The listing doesn’t say, but I bet it was made by Jumping Joy. I think I still have this dress, somewhere in a box of early 90s goth nostalgia. 

Silver spiderweb and spider ring & bracelet. (Look, I’m fine with spiders as long as they’re sparkly and DON’T MOVE.)

Silver ankh earrings. I don’t have to explain this to you peeps, do I?  

Big black ruffly poet shirt! A staple of the gothy wardrobe for any gender.

Hmmm. I may make this a thing: occasional posts of Auntie Jilli -approved “vintage” Goth from Etsy.