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File under: perks of being an Eldergoth

Having a specific fashion aesthetic + packrat tendencies + being slightly forgetful = when you finally have the time to go into the very depths of your closets and storage bins, you find the lost kingdom of stretch velvet (non-panne) dresses! Why hello, new wardrobe without shopping, how are you?



Set the Wayback Machine, peeps!

Stretch velvet dresses GALORE. And the thing about the Jumping Joy brand of those dresses is that they were made with the best quality crushed stretch velvet I’ve ever found. 

But when did stretch velvet become associated with grunge? Is it purely a “they both existed in the 90s" thing? Because I lived through it, and I can assure you that not a lot of girls in the grunge scene wore stretch velvet dresses.

Huh, I’d never seen a brown one

Oh Jay Jacobs. I still kind of miss you

The turtleneck version of the black stretch velvet dress

Black and olive green striped stretch velvet! I can think of at least two different people this would look fantastic on.

Good lord, I used to have this exact dress. I wore it over a longer black full skirt, with a tangle of long necklaces, black lipstick, and HUGE hair. 

Another dress just like one I used to own. Again, worn with black-red lipstick and HUGE hair. I seem to remember receiving many free drinks when I would wear it out to Ye Olde Goth Club …