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Anonymous asked: Auntie Jilli, I notice that you say you turn off a lot of vampire movies at a certain point, or that the movies are pretty but the story or an actor just isn't right for it. Do you have a perfect or favorite vampire movie?

So far, there has been no absolutely perfect vampire movie for me. A short list of “Almost, but not quite”:

  • Coppola’s Dracula is beautiful, but not at all true to the book.
  • The exact same thing can be said about the version of Dracula that starred Frank Langella. 
  • The original Tod Browning Dracula is iconic (Bela!), but again, not true to the book.
  • The Lost Boys is fun (and full of attractive vampires), but I seethe over Star never being shown vamping out, and I object to the Lost Boys being killed.
  • Near Dark is wonderful (the roadhouse scene!), but the last ten minutes are dreadful. 
  • The Hunger has the best opening for a vampire movie ever. But the rest of the movie doesn’t quite live up to that opening for me.

Honestly, the closest thing to a perfect vampire movie for me is Interview With The Vampire. Gorgeous, has amoral vampires, and doesn’t shy away from the blood. My only quibble with it is that while Tom Cruise did a great performance  (much to everyone’s surprise when the movie was released), he’s still not MY perfect Lestat.

I am nurturing hopes that Only Lovers Left Alive will turn out to be my perfect vampire movie. 




Favorite books: The Historian by E. Kostova

The dragon came down our valley.
He burned the crops and took the maidens.
He frightened the Turkish infidel and protected our villages. His breath dried up the rivers and we walked across them. Now we must defend ourselves.
The dragon was our protector,
But now we defend ourselves against him.




Guess what I’m reading for the millionth time I’ll give you a hint it starts with “interview” and ends with arson and child death

These are wonderful. Also, the hint as to which book these are from is INCREDIBLY accurate.





Vampires who look and dress like fourteen-year-old budding goth kids because no one will ever believe that they’re actually vampires, no matter what they might see or hear.

Vampires wearing bad plastic fangs and tacky red contacts everywhere they go and telling people to call them things like “Lord Bloodfang McDarkness the Third” and “Salacia, Mistress of the Night”.

::falls over laughing::



Hi, Severen, hiiiii. You’re my favorite redneck vampire. 

(If you peeps haven’t seen Near Dark, do yourself a favor and go watch it. Just … turn it off about 10 minutes before the ending.)

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Next month. This movie opens in the USA next month. I WANT IT NOW.


Only Lovers Left Alive  Posters




Bauhaus in The Hunger (1983)

Undead, undead, undead. Auntie Jilli’s first rule of Tumblr.


Bauhaus in The Hunger (1983)

Undead, undead, undead. Auntie Jilli’s first rule of Tumblr.




Anne Rice is continuing the Vampire Chronicles with a new book out October 28, Prince Lestat.



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viα quarkmaster: Capturing a Vampire’s Portrait by LawrenceMann

This is strangely charming. 

viα quarkmaster: Capturing a Vampire’s Portrait by LawrenceMann

This is strangely charming. 



Life is about surviving things, appreciating nature, nurturing kindness & friendship.. and dancing.

And being vampires, apparently. 

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I don’t think any vampire movie will ever have a better opening set of scenes. 


The Hunger (1983)



Oh goodness, a chibi version of Marlow from 30 Days of Night? Adorable! Unsettling yet adorable!

30 Days of Night by UMINGA

Oh goodness, a chibi version of Marlow from 30 Days of Night? Adorable! Unsettling yet adorable!


30 Days of Night by UMINGA



Movie. Bring this to me. SWINTON WITH FANGS.




This makes me wanna see this film more…

Tom in the back with the fangs tho…

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Happy Dracula-was-released-in-theaters Day!


Also, happy Clarice/Hannibal anniversary day- and lest we forget, happy Valentines’ Day as well.  But since I’m participating in the Vampire’s Day Soiree, let’s focus on the Dracula part.


The Bela Lugosi version was released on this day so many years ago, and in honor of that, I’d like to talk a little about vampire romance.  I’ve advised gothic heroines to stay clear of it, but what can you do, really?  Sometimes things happen, and at those times, it’s best to know where you stand.

VR Type One: Twilight-esq

If this is you, dear reader, then you’re in luck!  Things should work out okay, because dating a vampire isn’t all that different from dating a human.  Sure, your lover has super-strength, prefers to go out on cloudy days, and has special dietary considerations, but you can adapt.  Should you wish to be turned, you don’t have to worry about much besides other vampires being angry about it- though I guess that’s a fair concern in and of itself.

VR Type Two: Buffy-esq

Also known as the Bad Idea.  The problem here isn’t that the romance is damaging, but that the writers can’t decide whether or not it is.  Narrative inconsistency is a danger to heroines, and I advise you to steer clear of it at all times.  One moment they’ll be condemned for being possessed by a demon, the next you’ll be expected to accept that demon as who they really are.  One moment you’ll be told by the writing that your relationship is unhealthy, the next you’ll be told that it’s the greatest love of all time and nobody else you date will ever do.  It’s all very confusing, and you can save yourself a lot of trouble by just dating werewolves until the writers have their stories straight.

VR Type Three: Let The Right One In-esq

Also known to musical theater fans as Tanz-esq, this is my favorite type of vampire romance to read about, but not necessarily to live in.  There are no excuses here; they may really love you, but they do murder the innocent, and have to in order to survive.  So, why do you go with them?  Because you love them, but also because your normal life is unpleasant enough that you’ll welcome any change.  The writers here are likely doing a damn good job, though I can’t say I’d switch places with one of the characters.

Are there any other types of vampire romance I’ve left out?  If so, please let me know!  And happy February 14, however you celebrate it (or not!)